List of some of the prototypes my team at Wunderman Thompson has built for fun, pitches, and experiments. We mostly use React / NextJS, Firebase, various 3rd party APIs and some custom backend stuff.

Banter AI

Prototype designed to show the promise of real-time AI-assisted communication

Tech: React, Speechly, ChatGPT-2
Beer Gust

Web App that discounts beer at sporting events based on the weather and the user's seat locaion.

Tech: React, Firebase, OpenWeather API

Music Match

Web app that suggests makeup based on the user's musical tastes.

Tech: React, Firebase, Spotify API, Maybelline API

Mood Mirror

Web app that talks to the user about their mood, appearence and more.

Tech: React, WebCam API, TensorFlowJS

Bully Chat

Web app listens to the user's video game chat and detects if they are being bullied.

Tech: React, Web Speech API, TensorFlowJS

Beer Scan

Web app that detects various beverages using the users webcam and displays information about them.

Tech: React, WebCam, TensorFlowJS

Beautiful Spam

Web app that fetches a users spam emails and creates Haiku poems from their content.

Tech: React, Microsoft Graph API

Sandwich Love Letter

Web app that uses AI to write a love letter to the user's favorite sandwich.

Tech: React, OpenAI

and a ton more ...